Biggest Wins
Good Things Come in Pairs

The biggest Major Millions Progressive Jackpot won so far is $1,636,184.46 (February, 2002). The lucky man is Ronald H and the lucky casino is Blackjack Ballroom. In addition to the incredible cash, Ronald H has also received from Microgaming a luxury holiday package to the exotic Caribbean island of Barbados.

Handling Millions Dollars Modestly

Tony P. comes second in the list with not much less: $1,594,649.21 (May, 2002) His lucky casino was Captain Cooks Casino.

Twelve months after winning the Major Millions Progressive Jackpot, Ronald H was still the same unspoiled modest down-to-earth guy. Tony still woke up early in the morning to go to work. He remained with the same fuel company as a busy sales and marketing professional.

Tony P. experienced no sudden wealth syndrome and no dramatic changes in his lifestyle. He said: "My win has definitely provided my family with security. But I am 51 years old and can't just sit around the house. I like my job and enjoy the company of those whom I work with. I am pretty private about the win and just want to be able to enjoy my family and my daily activities. Having people label me as the 'millionaire' has not been an issue and I haven't noticed anything in particular about my friends and family's treatment towards me"

"We gave several gifts to other family members, and took care of our children' college education funds. As for big purchases for ourselves, we really don't need anything. We have been married for 30 years and have 3 children, so helping them out with their needs is the best purchase I can make. We've been very practical when deciding what to do with the money."

Tony P. also shared his little piece of advice with other online gamblers: "Always play within your means and look for the Microgaming symbol at any casino you play. Then you can have fun, have a chance to win BIG money and when and if you do, you can be sure you will get paid."

Wild Dance of Happiness

On July, 2003, Jim L. won around $1,68 million playing Major Millions progressive slot game. He tried his luck at Microgaming progressives for less or more a year until the unexpected moment came.

Jim made a $100 deposit and decided to play Major Millions slots: "It was just a regular day. I came home from work, sat down to relax and play a little. Once the jackpot hit, I just sat there and stared at the screen for about 15 minutes. I was totally numb. Then I got up and danced around the house. I couldn't believe my eyes."

Extra Money for Traveling

Joaquim M. won €1,45 millions on June 1, 2004 at Jackpot City. When asked how will winning the Progressive Jackpot affect his life, Joaquim M. said: "It hasn't made a drastic change to our standard of living. However, with these winnings we will have enough funds to travel and see the world.[...] My wife and I have wanted to go to Madeira for quite some time now."

Other Millionaires

There are two other recorded Major Millions Progressive Jackpot 'instant dollar millionaires': Edward R. with $1,40 millions and Douglas W. with $1,06 millions.