About Major Millions
Major Millions 5-reel progressive jackpot video slot game is the modern and much more entertaining version of the very popular Major Millions 3-reel progressive slots. Five-reel Major Millions is increasingly popular among gamblers all over the world because of a great Progressive Jackpot that pays out regularly.

Major Millions was developed by the world-famous gaming software provider Microgaming. Microgaming is by far the most experienced and most prolific slot games producer boasting a few slot titles which gained legendary status due to their high level of playability and overall attractiveness, especially in terms of super graphics and additional game features.

Major Millions slots have a super-military theme with an arsenal of cartoon-style war-related symbols. First things first, Major Millions Logo denotes success in this slot game. When five Major Millions Logo symbols parachute on the 15th enabled payline, the ultimate victory is yours – you win Progressive Jackpot! Five Major Millions logos on any other payline is not a bad deal either, second highest prize of 8000 coins is yours!

Any super army needs good commanders to write an attack plan or to boost morale of soldiers. For that reason, Major symbol, a grinning gentleman with a cigarette between his teeth, is a high paying symbol in this video slot game. When 5 Majors appear in from of you on an enabled payline, there is no reason to be perplexed. 1000 coins is yours!

For aerial and marine warfare Battleship and Plane are absolutely essential. For five Battleships put in battle array, the player receives 800 coins. For five War Planes send into on an air raid, the player receives 600 coins.

Tanks are almost symbols of war. They are ideal instruments of land combat: very difficult to destroy, all-terrain mobile and with very destructive firepower. Spot five tanks from left to right and you will be rewarded with 200 coins. Secret Envelope, Medals, Majors Hat carry the maximum payment of 180, 160, 120 respectively.

What is a gun without ammo? Land five ammo boxes on an enabled payline and you won't run out of ammunition for a long time: the prize is 100 coins. Binoculars are the least-paying regular symbol in the Major Millions slot game. The truth, however, is that this inconspicuous device may come real handy in the wartime. With binoculars soldiers can spot enemy targets from far away. For 5 binoculars for your army, you will receive 80 coins.